Kholmogory, 1598-1605

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In two registers, the upper register painted with the Nativity of Christ, the Baptism of Christ, and Entry into Jerusalem, the Descent into Hell, the Dormition of the Holy Virgin and the Nativity of the Virgin, the arched tops painted with the Hospitality of Abraham (Old Testament Trinity), the Annunciation, and the Ascension, the bottom register painted with the Extended Deesis, the reverse inscribed within a roundel, "In the Name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost, this Icon was Painted During the Reign of the Faithful Czar and Grand Duke, Boris Theodorovich Godunov, of All Russia .... in the Time of the Patriarch Job," the outer border of the roundel inscribed, "Painted by ... inov, of Kholmogory, in Memory of All Orthodox Christians," the back of the wings painted with seraphim symbolizing the Heaven (green) and the earth (red), also painted with the Holy Visage and the Cross of Golgotha.