"Peace with God", Kiev, 17th Century

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Printed book, leather binding; Pushkin "Critique, History, Autobiography", 1936, unpublished first draft, volume number six of six volumes; Lermontov, three small volumes of poetry and prose, 1939/40; Count Leo Tolstoy, loose-bound heliogravures of Tolstoy and family; "Short History of the Town of Archangel", Vassili Krestinin, St. Petersburg, 1792; "A General History for Youngsters", Kaidanov, St. Petersburg, 1834; Lermentov "The Wife of the Departmental Treasurer", 1914 (500 copies); Gogol, illustrations for "Dead Souls", published in 1892 from the 1847 edition; Bible, 19th Century copy of an 18th Century work; a religious Handbook, printed; "Lives of the Saints for June", Kiev, Monastery of the Caves, Moscow, 1875 (copy of an 18th Century work); Album of art objects, St. Petersburg, 1907. Togethet with a French volume on 18th Century French customs and dress, and three small volumes on historical costumes, French. 18 pieces.