Gratchev, St. Petersburg

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Old English pattern, monogrammed, comprising: Twelve Tablespoons, Twelve Luncheon Forks, Twelve Luncheon Knives, Pair of Sugar Tongs, Sugar Sifter, Pair of Sauce Ladles, Asparagus Tongs, Pair of Corn Picks, Butter Spreader, Fish Slice, Pie Slice, Dessert Serving Fork, Twelve Dessert Spoons, Twelve Teaspoons, Six Dessert Forks, Two Pickle Forks, Caviar Spoon, Vegetable Spoon, Caddy Shovel, Cheese Knife, Pair of Salad Servers, Soup Ladle, Cake Slice, Six Salt Spoons. Together with twelve American Silver Salad Forks and twelve Butter Knives, 130 ozs. of weighable silver. 117 pieces. Contained in a fitted oak case.