A Collection of Seventeen Miniature Easter Eggs

early 20th century

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Comprising: a silver egg set with a ruby within an engraved star, a gold-mounted rose quartz egg, maker's mark poorly struck, a gold-mounted pale lilac translucent enamel egg, maker's mark of H. Wigstrom, a silver-mounted blue hardstone egg, a gold-mounted blue enamel egg, one side painted with a chick, chipped, a silver-mounted red glass egg, two silver and cloisonne enamel eggs, a white porcelain egg painted with the letters XB for 'Christ has Risen' and the Imperial crown, the silver mounts with poorly struck maker's mark, a silver-gilt egg in the shape of an acorn, two porcelain eggs painted with flowers on a white ground, an egg in the form of a ladybird, an egg painted with crosses, a gold-mounted brown hardstone egg, a silver and purple enamel egg and a gold-mounted purpurine egg, maker's mark poorly struck, height 1.2cm., all suspended from a gold chain