marked with the cyrillic initials of Emel'ian Alekseevich Kuznetsov, retailed byJ.E. Morozov with engraved inscription 'J.E. Morozoff Fournisseur de la Cour Impiriale, S' Petersbourg', 1899-1908

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Shaped circular with raised and beaded border, engraved with the inscription 'Au President de la Republique Francaise Emile Loubet les Villes du Gouvernement de S'. Petersbourg Mai 1902' with the arms of the city and those of Narva, Schlusselburg, Luga, Kolpino, Gdov, Vamburg, Oranienbaum and Novaia Ladoga, the recessed centre within beaded border engraved with the president's cypher, white metal, marked on the base