Moscow, 1899-1908, workmasters mark Cyrillic D Sh

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Shaped in the form of an Orthodox Church, on bracket base chased with vine tendrils, leaves and grapes on matted ground, the front centered with a painted icon of Christ holding the open Gospels with enamelled Cyrillic psalm, within applied vari-color Pan-Slavic enamelled ogee arch and piers set with cabochon garnet and tourmaline, flanked by circular painted medallions of the Virgin and Saint John the Baptist, above rectangular vari-color enamelled panels set with amethysts and smoky quartz, the front and back of the upper tier applied with six repousse and shaded vari-color enamelled seraphim, the open-work sides designed in the form of a cross with scrolling foliage, set with cabochon carnelian, tourmalines, the summit of the chased roof applied with a silver-gilt enamelled cross simulating wood grain and set with cabochon, garnet, carnelian, and aqua and a pale-blue and white enamelled circular medallion of the Holy Spirit, flanked by green, blue and yellow enamelled cupolas surmounted by a cross, the plain silver-gilt host drawer with slip-on cover engraved with the Orthodox cross