an elizabeth petrovna silver-gilt presentation kovsh

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Of oval form, the centre of the bowl repousse in high relief with the Russian double-headed eagle encircled by laurel wreath, the flattened handle engraved with interlaced E and I within a cartouche surmounted by an Imperial crown, the prow surmounted by a double-headed eagle, the interior under the prow and beneath the handle applied with rococo foliage, the exterior with Cyrillic engraved dedication in seven cartouches within stylised foliage frames, the front with the engraved profile of Elizabeth Petrovna in a cartouche within a similar frame, assaymaster Daniel Mochalkin, Moscow, 1758 llVan. (29cm.) long (631.7gr.)

Translation: 'By the Grace of God we Elizabeth I Empress and Autocrat of All Russia, etc, etc, etc, present this kovsh to Makari starchin of the Don Vo'isko son of Mikilin Grekov for his faithful service, 10th March 1759, in Moscow'.