a rare soviet large oval propaganda dish 'autographs'

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The centre painted with a purple sunburst background emanating from a stylised sun enclosing the date 1917 and radiating on part of the Globe depicting Russia and on a stylised hammer and a sickle, entitled in Cyrillic 'Autographs of Activists of the Great Russian October Revolution', within a purple ribbon with leaves at intervals, with the inscription after Chekhottin, the border painted with stylised leaves alternating with signatures of 17 communist activists: V. Ulianov (Lenin), L. L. Trotsky, A. Kollontai, A. Lunachanskii, V. Volodarski, G. Zinoviev, Vlad. Bonch-Bruevich, V. Iakovleva, S. Gusev, S. Zorin, M. Vritskii, N. Krasin, A. Enukidze, A. Riazanov, G. Chicherin, V. Podbel'skii, K. Eremeev, within a gold rim, with underglaze mark of the Imperial Porcelain Manufactory (period of Nicholas II) and later blue overglaze State Porcelain Manufactory mark, dated 1921 and stylised Cyrillic B