a small suprematist plate

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With shaded red, blue, yellow lines and square, design, by N. Suetin, by the Lomonossov factory (blue underglaze mark), red overglaze mark 'Made in Russia', black overglaze suprematist square and inscribed in black t" suprematism, July 29, N. Suetin IVsin. (18.1cm.) diam.

'The end of figurative painting which has been proclaimed by Malevich led him and his followers like Suetin and Chashnik into an area of practical activity, of which ceramics was only a part. For the suprematists the colour white assumed a sense of the 'absolute' china was an ideal medium. For them the white body of china seemed to express weightlessness; this was of crucial importance as they attempted to overcome the sensation of material mass.'.

L. Andreeva, 'Soviet Ceramics 1917-1935', Art into Production (Oxford, 1984), p. 11