'Je me trouve dans un position critique'

Ivan Puni (1894-1956)Painted in 1919

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Gouache on paper laid down on canvas
This work (absent from the Berninger and Cartier catalogue) was exhibited in the 'Der Sturm' Gallery Puni show in 1921, as one can see in the installation photographs (p. 128, Catalogue de l'Oeuvre. It is hanging on the door left). This work demonstrated Puni's return to the post-cubist syntax which one notices already in the Vitebsk drawings and is pronounced in the Berlin work; also, in his copy of Daniel Henry Kahnweiler's Der Weg zum Kubismus (Munich 1920) Puni made pencil drawings after the illustrations of works by Picasso, and used them to illustrate his text Contemporary Painting (Berlin 1923, especially pp. 26, 27). They reveal a return to Suprematism while using Cubist technique