Suvorov: Group of Family Portraits


circa 1845

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Twelve family portraits; the ancestors and descendants of Natalia Alexandrovna Zubov (daughter of Field-Marshal A.V. Suvorov) and her husband Count Nikolai Alexandrovich Zubov. Contained in original w<xxl frame inlaid with mother-or-pearl shellwork and brass scrolling foliage.

From left to right, top to bottom the subjects are as follows:

1. A.V. Suvorov (1730-1800), copy after one of numerous portraits, c. 1795-1800.

2. Varvara Ivanova Suvorova (born Princess Pro-zorovskaya), his wife (1750-1806), copy after a miniature c. 1800.

3. Presumably Avdotya Fedosseyevna, born Manu-kova, married to Suvorov's father in late 1720's, and died 1743.

4. Vassilii Ivanovich Suvorov, father of Field-Marshal, 1705-75.

5. Arcadii Aleksandrovich Suvorov (1780-1811), son of Field-Marshal, Lieutenant-General, brother of #7.

6. Count Nikolai Aleksandrovich Zubov (1763-1805), husband of #7 and brother of #8.

7. Natalia Aleksandrovna, born Suvorova (1775, 1844), called Suvorochka by her father #1, wife of #6 and sister of #5.

8. Serene Prince Platon Aleksandrovich Zubov (1767-1822), brother of #6, brother-in-law of #7. Famous favorite of Catherine II. Copy of a portrait painted c.1795, possibly by Lampi.

9-11. Presumably sons of #6 and #7 (they had three sons), depicted in 1830's or early 1840's as shown by dress style.

12. Count Aleksander Nikolaievich Zubov (1727-93), father of #6 and #8, copy after miniature portraits c. 1790.