An Extremely Rare Russian Porcelain Easter Egg

Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, St. Petersburg, Period of Elizabeth Petrovna (1741-62)

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Painted in puce on one side with the Nativity of Christ and on the other side with the Annunciation, with impressed double-headed eagle mark.

This egg is apparently the only egg extant from this early period of Russian porcelain. The Imperial Porcelain Manufactory was founded by Elizabeth Petrovna in 1744 and began successful production after 1747 when Dmitri Vinogradov was appointed Director. Accompanying this egg is a letter from Ludmila Nikiforova (author of Russian Porcelain in the Hermitage Collection, Leningrad, 1973). Although there are over two hundred Easter eggs in the collection of the Hermitage Museum, the collection does not include an egg from this