A Group of Seven Russian Colored Lithographs

Printed by V. D'Arleng, Published by G.K. Fride-bourg, St. Petersburg

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Depicting Ekterina Ivanovna, daughter of Czar Ivan Alexeivich, born 10/24/1691, married 4/8/1716, died 7/24/1733, (published 6/16/ 1856); Anna Leopoldovna, wife of Prince Braunschweig Lunebourg-Sax, born 12/7/1710, married 6/3/ 1739, died 3/24/1746, (after a portrait by Anton Ulrik, published 2/3/1857); Martha Alexievna, known as Sister Margarite, born 8/25/1652, died 6/19/1707, daughter of Czar Alexis Mikhailovich (the 2nd Romanoff) and Czarina Maira Ilinishna, (published 9/14/ 1857); Alexei Alekeievich, son of Czar Alexei Mikhailovich and Czarina Maria Ilinisha, born 11/5/ 1654, died 1/17/1690; Natalia Alexevna, daughter of Czar Alexei Mikhailovitch, born 8/22/1673, died 6/18/1716, (after a portrait by P. Borel, puyblished 4/13/1853); Xania Ivanovna, nee Chestova, known as Sister Martha, wife of Boyar Feodor Nikiticha RomonoffYurieva Zaharina, died 1/26/1631, (after a portrait by P. Borel); Paraskaevia Ivonovna, daughter of Czar Ivan Alexeivich (Ivan V), born 9/24/1695, died 10/19/ 1731, (after a portrait by P. Borel, published 3/12/ 1856), framed.