A Group of Embroidered Linens and Textiles

19th Century and circa 1900

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Eight embroidered presentation linens, all with inscriptions as follows; Alexander II; Alexandra Feodorovna; Livadia 1861-1911; Revel Vishgorod Guild 1904; Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna, Many Happy Years; From the Employees and Engineers of the Railway Carriage Factories, to Nicholai Alexandrovich; Society of Smolensk Banner Bearers in Rememberance of the Transportation of the Icon of the Virgin of Smolensk, 1902; to Nicholai Alexandrovich; 1903. A linen bag embroidered with gold and silver threads and with pearls, with the Imperial monogram of Nicholai Alexandrovich. Six small Imperial tablecloths and two napkins. A table decoration embroidered with the crown of Monomach and the Imperial monogram 'A'. A tablecloth embroidered with gold and silver threads. Eight textile fragments woven with gold and silver threads.