A Russian Silver and Niello Travelling Toilet Set

Ledebuhr, Moscow, 1854

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Contained in a fitted oak chest, the hinged cover applied with a silver plaque nielloed with a grand building and inscribed, 'Bonbon-iГЁre Rachel,' and dated, 'Moscou, 1854,' the corners fitted with silver panels nielloed with scrolling foliage, the chest fitted with a Table Mirror, a Water Pitcher, a large Basin, a small Basin, a covered Powder Box, a Table Bell, a pair of Candlesticks, a small covered Box, a Beaker, a clothes Brush, two Hair Brushes, a Toothbrush, a silver and glass narrow rectangular Box, two Pin Cushions, a Hand Mirror, another glass and silver Box, a round glass and silver Powder Box, and six glass and silver Bottles, all pieces nielloed with architectural views and scrolling foliage, including views of St. Basil's Cathedral, the Monument to Minin and Pozharsky and the Moscow Kremlin, also monogrammed with the letter R, the interiors gilded, the inside of the lid of the chest fitted with a leather envelope for papers. 26 pieces.