A Russian Gilded Silver and Enamel Presentation Bread and Salt Dish


Khlebnikov, Moscow, 1888

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The wide border applied with three plaques enameled en grisaille with portrait busts of Nicholas I, Alexander II and Alexander III, the fourth reserve enameled with a cross below an Imperial crown, the border also with four roundels engraved with allegorical scenes of the history of Yerevan, Victory of 1827, Reform of 1868, New Government of 1879 and Order of the Army, 1887, the border also applied with eight Imperial eagles, the surround chased with foliage on a matted ground, the dcenter of the dish chased with a view of Mount Ararat within a wreath of laurel and oak, with ribbons enameled in Cyrillic, ‘from the Armenian People, City of Yerevan, In Memory of the Visit to the Caucasus,’ surmounted by the Imperial monogram of Alexander III.