Four silver-gilt and cloisonné enamel boxes,

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The first Nikolai Strulev, Moscow, 1899-1908, of circular cushion form, the lid painted en plein with a bouquet on pink ground; the second a casket Nikolai Alekseev, Moscow, circa 1890, with scrolling enamel leaves and flowerheads on stippled grounds, Dutch import mark; the third Alexander Belov, Moscow, circa 1910, rectangular with arched lid, stylised enamel flowerheads and turquoise dots, French import mark; the fourth unrecorded maker's mark DO (Cyrillic), St Petersburg, circa 1900, of circular cushion form, the lid centred with a stylised flowerhead within a star; 84 and 88 standards
Quantity: 4
width of the largest 10.5cm, 4 1/4 in.