A pair of magnificent silver candelabra, Ovchinnikov, St Petersburg, 1892

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Each cast and chased as a triumphal column with spiral bas-relief below a Corinthian capital, surmounted by a globe supporting an Imperial eagle and issuing six winged female herms crowned with nozzles, the plinths with acanthus borders and applied with plaques with engraved inscriptions: 'To our dear comrade and friend Count Vladimir Alexandrovich Stenbok Fermor of the Life Hussar/ Aide-de-camp Colonel Prince Vasilchikov; Colonel Likharev; Prince Gagarin I; Molchanov/ Staff Captain Baron Stanbershemdt; Volkov; Svichin; Orlov/ Rittmeister Bezobrazov; Voronov; Khrapovitsky; Krupensky; Prince Gagarin II; Ratch/ Coronet Komstadius; Pavlov; Myatlev; Verevkin; Svichin II; Charnysh/ Kiriakov; Plogutin; L'Vov; Kotlyarevsky; Astashev/ Lieutenant Miller; Von Meyer; Petrovo Solovovo; Golovin; Izdiniov; Durasov/ Gartong; Golenischev Kutuzov-Tolstoy; Graf Bobrinskoy; Graf Vorontsov-Dolikov; Erdeli; Prince Golitsyn', 84 standard
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height 61.7cm, 24 1/4 in.