An Imperial Presentation silver-gilt kovsh, Moscow, 1783

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The base of the bowl repoussé with the Imperial eagle, the handle modelled with an Imperial crown and engraved with the cypher of Empress Catherine II, the prow engraved with a portrait bust of the Empress below an Imperial eagle finial, the sides with scroll reserves inscribed in Russian 'By the grace of God We, Catherine the Great, Empress and Autocrat of All the Russias, Etc. Etc. Etc., This kovsh was presented to Esaul Dedorub Darin of the Ural Battalion under the command of Anton Tolikov for his faithful service while in Saint Petersburg for the Lyogkiy Stanets in December 1783', the underside of the handle numbered 627, otherwise apparently unmarked
length 30cm, 11 3/4 in.