A silver and enamel vodka cup, St Petersburg, 1908-1917

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In the form of a helmet of the Imperial Guards of the Pavlovsk Regiment, the front applied with the Star of the Order of St. Andrew on a finely chased double-headed Imperial eagle below the Imperial crown and inscribed in Russian God is with Us, the ribbon above the Star inscribed in black enamel For Gorny Dubnyak 12 October 1877, the slanting back and the sides enamelled in strawberry red and white, the top with silver plum and Imperial cipher for Nicholas II on yellow enamel ground, the rim engraved with a name Count V.F. Makulov 1909, gilt interior, workmaster's initial K.P (Cyrillic), 84 standard
height: 8.8cm, 3 1/2 in.