A Large Soviet Porcelain Propaganda Platter: Autographs of the Participants of the Great Russian October Revolution, State Porcelain Factory, Petrograd

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After a design by Sergei Vasilievich Chekhonin (1878-1936), oval, under a radiating, red sun inscribed 1917 is the Russian phrase "Autographs of the Participants of the Great Russian October Revolution," above a hammer and sickle encircling the globe, the edge of the cavetto with a red ribbon, on the border, between green leaves, are the facsimile signatures of (clockwise from the top) K. Eremeev, A. Riazanov, N. Krestinsky, A. Lunacharsky, V. Ulyanov (Lenin), G. Chicherin, Kollontai, Vlad. Bonch-Bruevich, S. Gusev, S. Zorin, A. Enukidze, V. Yakovleva, V. Volodarsky, G. Zinoviev, L. Trotsky, M. Uritsky, and Podbelsky, with gilded rim

the base of the cavetto inscribed "po Chekhoninu"; with blue overglaze factory mark, also with green Imperial cypher of Nicholas II dated 1900
Length 18 1/4 in.
46.4 cm