A silver and glass vodka set, St Petersburg and Moscow, 1879 and 1880

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Comprising: a circular tray, Johan Olsonius, St Petersburg, 1880, engraved with inscription in Russian 'Neighbour pour a drink to your neighbour/ Your neighbour likes drinking wine' within gothic arch borders, the centre with initials MSV (Cyrillic) or MCB (Latin), the reverse engraved in German 'To Andenken from J. & C. Ruting/ d. 8 September/ 28 August 1880'; a silver and glass bottle, Karl Antriter, Moscow, of baluster form, the glass etched with flowers and leave, the collar pierced with geometric motifs, glass stopper; and six charki, C.M. Ikonnikov, Moscow, 1879, engraved with drinking inscriptions and initials MSV, 84 standard, in a fitted wood box, the lid with plaque engraved MSV, with key
Quantity: 8
diameter of tray: 24.4cm, 9 5/8 in.