• A rare enamelled casket, Solvychegodsk, late 17th century |

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    Decorated overall with flowers and birds within white beaded borders, the interior further enamelled
    width 14cm, 5 1/2 in.

  • An enamelled silver bowl, Solvychegodsk, late 17th century |

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    Decorated with a bird within flowers
    diameter 11cm, 4 3/8 in.

  • Two silver-gilt bratinas, mid 17th century |

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    Both chased with stylised foliage and strapwork, the rim of the second inscribed Bratina of the Boyar Nikita Ivanovitch Romanov, the base of both with Hamburg town mark
    Quantity: 2
    height of both 11cm, 4 3/8 in; diameter 9cm, 3 5/8 in.

  • A small silver-gilt charka, 17th century |

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    Chased with Jonah and the Whale among other sea creatures, the sides inscribed in Russian 'Charka of Grigoriy Ivanovich Panteleyev / Drink to your health and happiness', unmarked
    length 9.5cm, 3 3/4 in.

  • A parcel-gilt silver presentation kovsh, dated 1688 |

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    The centre chased with the double-headed Imperial eagle, the handle with engraved Imperial Eagle, the side engraved with a presentation inscription in Russian dated 1688 'from Co-Tsars John and Peter to the merchant Abram Filimonov'
    length 27cm,10 5/8...

  • A rare silver-gilt and cloisoneé enamel mounted wooden saddl... |

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    The pommel and cantle with panels of enamelled scrolling foliage in white, black, blue and green with white pellets borders and filigree rims on gilt grounds, the centre covered with red velvet, apparently unmarked
    length 43cm, 16 7/8 in.


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    Early 17th century. Encased in a later repousse and chased silver-gilt oklad ornamented with interweaving foliate scrolls, stylised flowerheads and buds, Moscow 1853. * The saints represented are the patrons of members of the illustrious Stroganov family,...


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    Moscow, first half 16th century, the icon has been transferred to a new panel and the area of the background and halo covered with elements of 17th century silver taken from another icon. * The prototype of the Petrovskaya Mother of God, which until recently...

  • A parcel-gilt presentation kovsh |

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    Late 17th century, the interior of the bowl embossed in high relief with the Russian Imperial Eagle, the prow with an eagle finial, gilded on the inside beneath the prow and the leaf shaped handle, and flat-chased with trefoil reserves of foliage, the...


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    The cover inset with a silver-gilt medal dated 1683 with an equestrian portrait of duke of Braunschweig- Luneburg Rudolph Augustus, within a border of stylised foliage, with silver-gilt interior, with French control marks.


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    The bowl with the Russian eagle against scrolling berried foliage encircled by a band of oak leaves, the prow with an eagle finial and the flattened handle similarly engraved, the inner rim engraved with a narrow band of foliage and the exterior with...


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    The bowl embossed in high relief with the Russian eagle, another applied as a finial to the prow and the flattened handle chased with an eagle in relief, the exterior with continuous inscriptions and roundels against hatching, early 18th Century.


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    The imation of the infant Christ and the edge of the Virgin's ntaphorion enriched with gold, the neutral area of the background encased in stamped silver-gilt basma, the halo engraved with scrolling foliage, 17th century.


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    The oval mandorla and the garments of Christ extensively heightened with assist, the kovcheg applied with stamped silver-gilt strips, 17th century, the background repainted.

  • Russian silver charka |

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    17th Century, the plain rounded bowl with slightly domed base and with flat shaped handle engraved with foliage on a stippled ground, the rim of the bowl inscribed "Charka Trinity St. Sergi Monastery, on a reeded ground the base with scratch weight and...

  • Russian silver bratina |

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    17th Century, of simple bulbous shape, the gilded rim engraved with the inscription, "Bratina Trinity St. Sergi Monastery, on a reeded ground, the base with scratch weight and inventory number, the side engraved with a later inventory number, 6 ozs. 15...

  • Russian alabaster charka mounted in silver-gilt |

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    Late 17th Century, the silver-gilt lip-mount engraved with a Cyrillic inscription, the openwork cast handle with a lion and a unicorn supporting a vacant shield, surmounted by a bird with outstretched wings, with silver-gilt foot and with three silver-gilt...

  • Rare Russian imperial presentation silver parcel-gilt kovsh |

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    Period of Alexei Mikhailovich (1645-1676), of shallow, boat shape with a pointed prow and flattened handle, the sides engraved with the Cyrillic inscription, "We, Alexei Mikhailovich, Emperor and Suzerain of Great, Small and White Russia, present this...

  • A silver-gilt beaker and cover |

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    Shaped as an imaginary figure playing the bagpipes, decorated with strapwork, with a dog at its feet and mounted on an oval white quartz base, signed with Imperial Warrant mark, workmaster Julius Rappoport, St. Petersburg, 1899-1908. This figure is inspired...


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    17th century. Christ and the Mother of God above, with silver riza with makers mark in Cyrillic MA(?), Jaroslavl, circa 1740.


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    17th century. With silver haloes round the heads of Joachim and Anna, the parents of the Virgin.


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    St. Petersburg, 1886, also stamped with retailer’s mark for Gratchev Each of cylindrical form and on four beaded acorn feet, the body decorated with further beaded bands and with angular reeded handles.


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    The gilt background of the slightly concave bowed panel carved in low relief in imitation of stamped and tooled silver basma, North Russia, circa 1600, area of damage on the right eye; encased in a later heavy repousse and chased silver-gilt oklad, set...

  • An important parcel-gilt and niello Beaker |

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    Of tapering form, boldly engraved with stalks and flowers including carnations and tulips, rising from diminutive stylised vases, reserved against a silver and niello ground of intricate scrolling herb tendrils and blossom, cast and applied parcel-gilt...

  • A silver and gilt-metal Badge |

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    Commemorating the Romanov Trecentenary, inscribed 1613-1913, Russian, 1913.

  • Faberge. A jewelled silver and enamel Cigarette Box |

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    In 17th century Russian manner, of rectangular casket form, the lid enamelled en plein with a miniature by A. Borozin, signed, representing an incident from an old Russian legend, the silver sides cast and chased with architectural ornament, each arched...

  • A small wooden Pectoral Cross |

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    Finely carved in low relief with the crucified Saviour together with the heads and shoulders of the mourners, the reverse with the Virgin of the Sign, Archangels Michael and Gabriel and the symbols of the four Evangelists, 16th Century, encased in a later...

  • A Pendant Porphyry Pectoral Cross of Korsun type |

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    Mounted in silver, the terminals with silver mounts joined by twisted silver wire set with seed pearls, 17th Century.

  • The Mother of God of the Burning Bush |

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    Intercepting prisms of green and red light encompass symbols of the Evangelists and heavenly Powers, the dark green kovcheg with explanatory calligraphic text, the original 17th Century panel enlarged and the corners of the kovcheg painted with four Old...

  • The Vladimir Mother of God |

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    The garments almost entirely hatched in gold assist, the neutral area of the background and the kovcheg overlaid with stamped gilded base silver, the applied halo and pendant tzata finely engraved with interlacing scrollwork and set with semi-precious...

  • The Kazan Mother of God |

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    Encased in a silver oklad, heavily repousse and chased with swirling foliage and stylized flowerheads, the applied pierced halo similarly decorated and chased with seraphim and flanking angels, with a tzata likewise ornamented and chased with an image...

  • Saints John the Baptist, Maxim the Confessor and Irina |

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    Christ Emmanuel on the upper kovcheg, 17th Century, the background entirely overpainted during the 19th Century and other extensive repairs, the icon encased in a silver gilt oklad, the border engraved with foliage against a roughened and engraved ground...

  • The Deisis |

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    The enthroned Christ with an open Gospel flanked by the Virgin and St. John, Ss. Athanasios and Nicholas on the kovcheg, circa 1600, encased in a later repousse and chased silver gilt oklad, Christs halo set with pastes and with painted enamel inscription...

  • The Saviour |

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    Blessing and holding an open Gospel inscribed Come unto me, the halo and rose-coloured chiton with silver highlighting, the shadow outline of the nose rendered in an orange-red, tawny background, Moscow, circa 1600, encased in a silver and enamel oklad,...

  • The Protection (Pokrov) |

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    Of the Mother of God, 18th Century, with 19th Century restoration, encased in a silver gilt oklad, the border repousse and chased with foliate ornament against a roughened ground, makers mark indistinct, Moscow mark of bicephalous eagle, 1720s, the Virgins...


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    Late 17th Century. With repousse and chased silver and enamel riza, circa 1900.

  • Two Russian icon panels |

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    17th Century, two wings of a Triptych depicting sixteen scenes from the life of St. Nicholas and the Annunciation, the silver-gilt basma, Moscow, circa 1710 (the two wings recently attached by hinges.)

  • Russian pineapple cup and cover |

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    Moscow, 1757, in 17th Century German style, lobed, repousse and chased with shells, the slip-on cover with wirework finial in the form of a flowering plant, the stem with three free standing scrolls with circular dome base, marked on base, rim and cover,...

  • Fine and extremely rare Russian silver-hilted Imperial prese... |

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    Period of Elizabeth I (1741-1762), Dated 1741, presented by Elizabeth Petrovna in 1741 to a Don Ataman Larion Skasyrskii; the 17th Century Persian blade with an engraved and gold-inlaid image of Zulfikar, the legendary bifurcated sword of Prophets Muhammed...

  • A parcel-gilt silver and niello serving spoon |

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    Unmarked, Russian, late 17th century, the drop-shaped bowl chased with fan motif against a nielloed ground decorated with flowers, spiralling shaft with entwined loop divisions. For a similar spoon, also unmarked and decorated with a fan motif, see A....